The Team @ AcerStore

Hi There! The Team @ AcerStore is a group of elite individuals who share a passion for the digital experience of Acer lovers!

Here's a quick overview of us:

Who are our team members?

  1. Curiosity caused no harm in the making of our squad.
    Curiosity breeds innovation. Always ask why and always look at each problem as an opportunity to get creative.

  2. Progressive and Modern.
    Because after all if it doesn't make your life easier, it's not worth doing.

    We're just a group of folks who love the digital space and Acer, exploring, and pushing to new limits.

There are some things we believe:

  1. There should be no barriers between people and their technology.
    We make awesome Acer products but if you can't easily get what you need, what's the point?

  2. Modern Day explorers need tools too!
    Who isn't on the go these days? Friends, Family, Work, Traveling. Technology needs to make it easier for you.

  3. Transactions are out and relationships are in.
    Relationships are a two-way street and we're here to improve your exploring. If we should falter, please tell us so we can improve your experience.

  4. Why purchase from us?

    1. We're real people, really here for you. If you want help, support, technical advice, or even to return a product - you have a whole team here just for you.
    2. There are perks to be direct from manufacturer. First, we have early product availability, a team of Acer experts at your disposal, and so much more.
    3. We could go on and on about the award-winning products, warranties included, software and apps included, and more... But we know you're ready to start shopping now!


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