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  1. eRecovery Media

    eRecovery Media

  2. Extended Warranty

    Extended Warranty

  3. Storage & Drives

    Storage & Drives

    Starting at: $8.00
    Store it all in one place. Using Acer's ultra-slim and light portable storage devices maximize your storage capacity and enable you to transfer data quickly. Durable brushed aluminum or glossy exteriors add style to the mix.
  4. Projector Mounts & Lamps

    Projector Mounts & Lamps

    Starting at: $129.99
  5. Keyboards, Mice & Styluses

    Keyboards, Mice & Styluses

    Starting at: $14.99
    Work comfortably and efficiently. Acer mice, keyboards and stylus pens give you high precision and great comfort for accomplishing your tasks. The wireless mice and keyboards provide function at a distance while the stylus lets you write effortlessly on your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Docks & Port Replicators

    Docks & Port Replicators

    Starting at: $349.99
    Expand, convert and work smart. Use the Acer docks and stands to securely hold your notebook or tablet while extending its functionality and providing an elegant cooling solution. The lightweight designs make the docks and stands excellent travel accessories, so you can have a desktop experience anywhere, without sacrificing mobility.
  7. Cables, Cords & Clips

    Cables, Cords & Clips

    Starting at: $4.99
    Peak-performance cables and dongles. Whether you need to connect your phone to your USB port for charging, attach a second monitor, or sync with other devices, Acer's cables and dongles will get the job done smoothly.
  8. Bags & Covers

    Bags & Covers

    Starting at: $9.99
    Travel light, with protection and style. Acer bags and covers are made with water-resistant synthetic leather, are shock-proof, and feature smartly arranged compartments. They also come in colors and styles that will excite the senses. Go light, organized, and with peace of mind knowing that your Acer notebook and/or tablet is well protected.
  9. Batteries, Adapters & Power Kits

    Batteries, Adapters & Power Kits

    Starting at: $12.99
    Power solutions to go. At home or in the office, at the coffee shop or on your couch, Acer certified power solutions keep your notebook awake and operating. Charge up anywhere and be productive on the go with an Acer adapter. Pick up an extra Acer battery and rest assured you'll have the energy to finish whatever you're into.
  10. Gaming


    Starting at: $14.99
    Rise above the rest with the newest Predator gaming accessories.

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10 Items(s)

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